MCU/SCU Troubleshooting
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The symptom is numbered, the troubleshooting steps are alphabetised.

1. SCU touchscreen Self Test counts down to zero on reboot.
This generally means that the MCU and SCU have no working RS485 serial comms.
a. VNC into the MCU, click on the SCU tab in the top half of the MCU app widow and click on the "Get Analog" button.
You should see comms to and from the SCU. If there are no comms - continue to B. If there are comms, jump to 2.
b. First check that the MCU app has the correct setup under the "Comms Ports" tab in the setup window.
The SCU comms settings should be: 19200 baud; No Parity; 8 bits data; 1 stop bit; No handshake.
c. Go to the MCU Database folder and view folder details - confirm that the SCU.crp file is NOT zero bytes.
If it is zero bytes, quit the MCU app, delete the corrupt SCU.crp file and relaunch the MCU app. Check the SCU Comms settings again.
If the SCU has been power cycled while the corrupt SCU.crp file was in place, you will need to re-enter the K-Factors at the SCU touchscreeen.

2. "Enter Supervisor ID" or Enter SUP Code" will be displayed on the touchscreen when opening transactions if:
a. An operator manually enters a vehicle FieldID but Manual Authorisation has been disabled on the MCU/SCU. 
You will have to go into the scu config screen (Button C for Cal) and enable manual entry.
b. Equipment/Vehicle Transactions Table not present in database - Debrief MCU ensuring all tables are up to date
c. The SCU has lost comms to the MCU, i.e 485 Comms failing (check point 1) - Unit may need to be returned to FluidIntel for diagnosis and repair.
d. K Factors are missing.
e. SCU.crp file is corrupt (zero bytes). A good test for this is if Alphanumeric keypad entry is on but you only see numbers - you have a corrupt SCU.crp file.
In this case, Quit the MCU app, remove the file and restart the app - NOTE that you may need to re-enter K Factors.

First course of action is to VNC into the MCU and check that the MCU can communicate with the SCU and that the K Factors are present.

3. Self Test counts down to zero
a. Epic is not powering up - Unit needs to be returned to factory for testing and repair
b. 485 comms failing - Unit needs to be returned to factory for testing and repair

4. No Display
a. Cable unplugged - Ensure both cable ends are plugged in
b. Faulty cable - Replace with known good cable

5. Product not being Dispensed
a. Equipment not authorised to receive that product - Check Equipment table in database
b. No power to solenoids - Check wires have not become disconnected
c. Ensure transactions are opening - Check relay LEDs are lighting up

6. Product not metering
a. Pulses not received - Check wires have not become disconnected

7. Buttons on Keypad not responding
a. Faulty Keypad - Replace with known good keypad
b. Faulty Cable - Replace with known good cable

8. Numbers appearing rather than transactions opening when using Tirus reader
a. No vehicle assigned to passive transponder - Search for RFID number in AdaptIQ equipment page and ensure equipment item is enabled with an active product.
Then send update to MCU via MCU/SCU config page in AdaptIQ

9. Tirus not responding (transactions not opening)
a. Faulty connection between Tirus and MCU or Tirus and Antenna - Place Passive transponder near antenna and observe LEDs on Tirus, if LEDs fail to light up check connection to antenna, if LEDs light up check connection to MCU, if connection fine VNC into MCU and observe Comms responses in MCU program

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