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RS485 Wiring Rules for AdaptMAC and SCU and Solenoids
Posted by Adam Dennis on 29 July 2016 03:53 PM

RS485 Wiring Rules for AdaptMAC and SCU and Solenoids

  1. AdaptMAC and SCU Power input: All DC negative must be commoned together (same potential), even if running off Traco DC/DC converter (primary and secondary DC negative linked)
  2. The Solenoids should be connected BEFORE the Traco DC/DC power supplies and ensure flyback diodes are connected on the outputs in order to reduce back EMF.
  3. AdaptMAC to SCU (or AdaptIO) RS485 comms cable: Data+ and Data- wires connected and MAC Signal GND pin8 (yellow wire [or red if older style grey cable]) connected to SCU RS485 GND terminal.


For black sheath AdaptMAC cable 000-102/10:

MAC Com4 pin 1 white to SCU RS485 D-

MAC Com4 pin 2 brown to SCU RS485 D+

MAC Com4 pin 8 yellow (red in grey sheath cable) to SCU RS485 GND

MAC Com4 shield wire connected to SCU Pwr in negative (-)

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