Troubleshooting the VR 7671
Posted by Adam Dennis on 08 December 2016 01:13 PM

FluidIntel utilises a Veeder-Root 7671 solid state pulse transmitter for some installations.
The pulser is the aluminum housing with the screw cover usually on top of a positive displacement flow meter.
This cover is normally tight, but it will unscrew.

The wiring should be:
Red ..... to the supplied DC power from the receiver.
White .. to the -DC, or Ground, side of the receiver. 
Black ... to the signal input,

Uncover the wires so that you can measure DC voltages.

Between red and white, you should measure the supplied voltage. 

Remove the three screws holding the pulser and pull it off to one side.

Connect the DC voltmeter to measure between black(+) and white(-). By turning the shaft slowly, you should see a voltage pulse in the area of 17 VDC. There are 100 pulses per revolution and you must turn the shaft slowly to actually measure the individual pulses. The voltage should drop to zero in between pulses. If you don't see pulses, you've got a burned out pulse transmitter.

If you cannot easily uncover the wires, you can perform these same tests at the receiver terminal strip. However, you should ensure that the wires are not broken.

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