SCU Pulse Limit
Posted by Adam Dennis on 09 December 2016 03:09 PM

The SCU can read up to 500 pulses per second (30,000 per minute).

If you have a pulse transmitter with a high K factor on a high volume meter, the SCU will read accurately for a while and then 'slow down' as this limit is reached.

As an example:
The TCS 700 flow meters sometimes come with a TCS DMP100 pulse transmitter that has a K factor of 54.
At 500 lpm this equals 26,480 pulses per minute.
At 800 lpm this equals 42,368 pulses per minute.

In the field the SCU will report accurately up until the limit is reached and then under report quite dramatically.

The solution is to install a pulse transmitter with lower K factor (ERP200) or upgrade to an AdaptMAC with an AdaptIO.

The AdaptIO will read well in excess of 5000 pulses per second.

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