One Meter, Two Outputs for LV and High Flow
Posted by Adam Dennis on 18 April 2017 12:15 PM

One Meter, Two Outputs

Before getting rid of the pulser switchover relays, you need to ensure that the “Is Light Vehicle” checkbox is selected for all light vehicles in AdaptIQ. 

Add an AdaptIO (Usually AdaptIO Output 1 is set to Low Flow and AdaptIO Output 2 to High Flow.)

Edit meter 1  (meter 2 is left disabled) of the AdaptIO using the "default" setup with the exception of set "Has Multiple Hoses" to yes, until you get to add tags.

  1. Add Tags? → Yes
  2. Type → Auxiliary
  3. New Tag
  4. Select the Modbus comm port for the configured AdaptIO, otherwise enter serial port settings. [AdaptIO: No Parity, 8 data bits, 2 Stop bits, 57600 baud]
  5. Slave → same as AdaptIO
  6. Bit
  7. Digital Output
  8. Discrete output coil
  9. Start address = 2 for output 2
  10. Number of registers = 1
  11. High Byte Low Word
  12. No tag enables selected
  13. Poll time = 5 (Not actually used)
  14. Peripheral power relay = No
  15. Units = D
  16. Special Function = High flow

Once finished editing go back and view the meter tags (this requires "Show Meter Tags" to be enabled in the "Enables" wizard). Select the output tag and edit it. Change only the special function to Low Flow.

Once this is done, any equipment item that is checked as “Is Light Vehicle” will only only open the output that is setup as ‘Low Flow”.

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