Changing the K Factor
Posted by Adam Dennis on 06 March 2012 03:51 PM

To change the K Factor (aka scale factor) of a meter pulser, you must be at the SCU touchpad and follow the below instructions.
The below assumes two bowsers with K factors of 63.2 each.

1. Enter Supervisor Mode by hitting the "Log" button twice and the "Yes" button.

2. Enter a supervisor code (you may need to ask your supervisor for this) and press "Yes".

3. Press the "C" button to enter the calibration menu.

4. Press "No/Cancel" for "View K-Factors?"

5. Press "Yes/OK" for "Modify K-Factors?"

6. Press "Yes/OK" for "Enter K Factors?".

7. You will be presented with:
-> 000.0000000
Enter 063.2 and press Yes/OK

You should then be presented with:
-> 000.0000000
Enter 063.2 and press Yes/OK

8. The SCU has 10 meter input channels and will go through them all - just hit Yes/OK button for the rest - they can remain at zero.

9. Step through the rest of the menus - the current values are OK so press OK when presented.
ONE IMPORTANT NOTE - when presented with 'MANUAL TRANS" make sure you press No/Cancel!
In other words , to accept a current setting of No - press the No/Cancel button (not the OK button).

10. When complete, screen returns to the Supervisor mode options display.
You must now press the "Shutdown" button, which is the "B" button - this will reboot the SCU and write the changes to the internal non-volatile memory.
If you do not hit the Shutdown button, the settings will not be saved.

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