Editing Meters
Posted by Adam Dennis on 13 November 2012 02:15 PM

NOTE: The below does not apply to AdaptMACs. It only applies to MCUs (all versions).

When you edit a meter (especially "Comms Method" and "Meter Type") make sure that the MCU and SCU are power cycled after the change has been successfully received at the MCU.

You can do this remotely - the full process is:
1. Make meter edits in web app.
2. Return to the MCU View page and click the "Update Now" button next to "Meters Database" in the "Communications" panel.
3. VNC into the MCU, confirm that the changes have been accepted (bottom section, Meters tab, then CommsMethod and Type columns).
4. If the changes have been accepted, click on the SCU tab in the top section and hit the "Send SCU Calib" button.
5. Once this is complete, restart the MCU (usually via the "Soft Reset" button in the Pocket VNC window).

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