SCU displaying "ENTER SUP CODE"
Posted by Adam Dennis on 20 March 2014 01:31 PM

The SCU will ask for the supervisor code if:

1. An operator manually enters a vehicle FieldID but Manual Authorisation has been disabled on the MCU/SCU.
You will have to go into the scu config screen (Button C for Cal) and enable manual entry.

2. The SCU has lost comms to the MCU.

3. K Factors are missing.

4. SCU.crp file is corrupt (zero bytes). A good test for this is if Alphanumeric keypad entry is on but you only see numbers - you have a corrupt SCU.crp file.
Quit the MCU app, remove the file and restart the app - NOTE that you may need to re-enter K Factors.

First course of action is to VNC into the MCU and check that the MCU can communicate with the SCU and that the K Factors are present.

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